Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial during pregnancy. It not only benefits mom, it is beneficial for the developing fetus as well. The nervous system is the first to develop and is vitally important to the proper development of baby. During pregnancy, the body has many shifts in both structure and internal physiology (hormones). It is important for the brain to be in full communication to allow signals to be sent at the right time, especially as baby is developing and during the birth process itself. Proper alignment and motion allow baby to move freely and find optimal position. Having a fully functioning nervous system while under chiropractic care increases the ability of the expecting mom to have a safe and natural birth. Unfortunately today, pregnancy is labeled as a “medical condition” rather than the beautiful miracle it is. A woman’s body was perfectly designed to give birth naturally but due to the overwhelming amount of stress and intervention in today’s society, the expecting mother’s nervous system becomes stressed resulting in malfunction. This contributes to the increase in C-section rates.

We have special pillows designed for our expecting mamas so they are comfortable before, during and after pregnancy, so no worries about lying on your belly. Our care is very thorough and gentle to ensure a comfortable and relaxed adjustment. Dr. Morgan is certified in the Webster Technique which restores proper biomechanics and neurologic function to the entire pelvic area including the uterus to allow optimal fetal position for the birth process. This also provides relief of low back pain, tightness or pinching in the uterine and vaginal areas as well as abdominal discomfort to the pregnant mothers. This encourages a more relaxing, comfortable pregnancy and birth allowing the entire experience to be a joy instead of a burden.