When asked about previous traumas, most people don’t think back to when they were born. If you ask any mother, whether their child was born after 20 hours or 20 seconds, they will tell you that it can be very stressful. The birth process is a common cause of subluxation to both mom and baby, especially when the process requires intervention (epidural, C-section, forceps). This stress can cause disturbances to your child’s nervous system even while in the womb. Our gentle adjusting techniques help restore proper nervous system function so your child continues to thrive.


Common Issues in Children

Upon examination, interference to nerve function is commonly associated with many of the following childhood health complaints:

ADD/ADHD – Many parents are choosing to investigate alternative options due to the debilitating side effects of psychotropic drugs. Reducing stress to the nervous system allows for better function, efficiency and focus of signaling within the brain. This allows for better connections, understanding and focus at home and in school.

Allergies – Your nervous system is directly connected to your immune system. If there is overactivity of your immune system resulting in reactions such as itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, skin rash, etc. this is an indication of improper function. If your nervous system isn’t working right, you don’t work right. Not everyone has a negative reaction to common allergens such as pet dander, pollen and nuts, so why are we blaming the innocent? If we dig deeper, there are often other subtle signs of the body’s inability to adapt to its environment, a common result of nerve disturbance.

Asthma – Your nerves control everything, including your lungs, bronchial tubes and diaphragm that are used for breathing. Any irritation to these nerves can result in malfunction of the end organs resulting in issues breathing as well as clearing the lungs.

Bed Wetting – Children into their teens can experience bed wetting/incontinence if there is compromise to the nerves that innervate the bladder. This disrupts the communication between the brain and the bladder to signal the muscles to contract and hold urine.

Colic – Subluxation (stress to the nervous system) can cause discomfort in babies and since they are unable to tell us about it, they cry. This can continue if the issue is not resolved. It never hurts to have your child evaluated to see if there is any interference to their nervous system.

Ear Infections – Subluxation to the upper neck is a very common effect of the birth process in newborns. This can result in inflammation which causes a narrowing of the already somewhat horizontal Eustachian tubes. This makes proper drainage difficult, fluid collects and creates a perfect climate to house bacteria and viruses. Ear infections are common but definitely NOT normal.

Growing Pains – Pain of any kind is not normal and is a red flag. Growing pains have been commonly misdiagnosed as a “phase” that kids go through when it’s an indicator for biomechanical stress that could easily be resolved.

GERD/Reflux – Stomach issues in general are becoming more and more common. Still not normal. If there is interference to the nerves that control the emptying of your stomach, you may experience GERD or reflux. 80% of our immune system lives within our GI tract. Therefore, any GI issues become HUGE issues if not addressed immediately.

Infertility – Many families that were informed they would “never be able to have kids” have been blessed with conception once proper nervous system function to the reproductive organs has been restored.

Latching problems – Interference to the upper neck commonly found in newborns as a result of the birth process can result in inflammation to the upper neck. This can make it difficult for the child to swallow and signal proper muscle contraction for nursing. A child’s palate (roof of their mouth) can also be misshapen as a result of improper expansion of cranial bones upon taking the first breath. Dr. Morgan has advanced training to restore proper function through gentle adjustments and cranial work.

Misshapen head/flat spots – Some mothers notice their child has overlapping to their skull or begin to develop a flat spot. Some cases are severe enough that medical doctors recommend a helmet. This can occur for several reasons. The bones of the skull/cranium are not fused in a child as they are in adults and move on a very small scale as the child breathes. These bones can become “stuck” the same way a misalignment or subluxation occurs in the spine. Cranial adjusting is very gentle, safe and effective. Dr. Morgan has advanced training to restore proper function through gentle adjustments and cranial work. Also, if the child has a misalignment of the upper neck or spine that limits full range of motion, the child will favor turning his/her head to one side. If the child is favoring turning their head to one side, as they lie on their back with their head turned or tilted, eventually a flat spot may appear. Many moms notice this subtle indicator of stress and have the child checked before this become a major issue.

Scoliosis – Curves are the body’s natural response to stress. When you look at a newborn, they are in a constant state of flexion in order to protect valuable internal organs. As stress builds within our bodies, you may notice it becomes harder and harder to sit up straight with good posture. This is because our body is locked in “fight/flight mode” and is trying to protect itself. Lateral curves (scoliosis) is another form of “protective mode” that has multiple studies demonstrating benefits, even complete resolution, after receiving chiropractic care.

Traumatic Birth – Red flags of traumatic birth include in-utero constraint, C-section and vacuum/forceps extraction. Have your newborn checked for interference to their nervous system shortly after birth.

Wellness – Symptoms are not required to receive chiropractic care. Many people understand that having a fully functioning nervous system allows them to make better connections and live an overall better quality of life.

Chiropractic care in no way “treats” any symptom or disease. By restoring function, the body heals itself and functions as it is supposed to. This is why there is no limit to the benefits experienced while under care. Several of the “hard-to-correct” problems seen in adults began and remained undetected in childhood. Please email or give us a call with any questions or concerns for your family. We’re happy to schedule a FREE consultation to better understand how we can serve you.