Our Technology


Subluxation Station

At Connected Chiropractic, we use advanced, modern technology that allows us to look deeper than your symptoms. We use the Insight to monitor how your nervous system is functioning throughout care. These scans are completely painless and perfectly safe to use on kids, even infants. The Insight is comprised of the following three scans:


Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is the gold standard for measuring how well your body is adapting to the stressors in your everyday life (gravity, pollution, work stress, busy schedules, lack of sleep, etc). We understand that some people don’t feel stressed but their body is “stuck” in fight or flight mode which causes the body to break down faster than the body can heal. Subtle signs of being stuck in fight or flight mode are: trouble focusing (including ADD/ADHD), difficulty staying or falling asleep, fatigue, excess energy/hyperactivity, chronic illness and inability to heal (chronic pain). Published research demonstrates the favorable effects of chiropractic adjustments have on improving HRV parameters.


Surface EMG

Surface Electromyography measures the electrical energy in the muscles that stabilize and support your spine. Any color besides white indicates nerve disturbance with potential subluxation (interference) in or around those areas. Any imbalances have a direct relationship with tension to the spinal cord itself through direct attachments between the spinal cord and your spine. Your muscles are connected to the vertebrae in your spine and your vertebrae are connected to your spinal cord via direct dural attachments. Therefore, any stress detected in the muscles that stabilize your spine is directly related to the tonal state of your spinal cord and nervous system. After all, health is not about how you heal, it’s about how you function.


Thermal Scan

This scan measure minute temperature differences. When there is stress to your nervous system, inflammation causes changes to blood flow which can be detected as temperature imbalances. This scan is non-invasive and reveals how well your autonomic nervous system is functioning which controls your glands, organs and blood vessels.


CORE Score

At your Report of Findings (2nd visit) all of these scans will be discussed. The Insight technology combines the results of the previous three scans and generates an overall score. This is your Core Score and can be thought of as your health report card. The higher the number, the less stress to your nervous system and the increased potential for health and wellness. We base recommendations on the condition of your nervous system and how you’re functioning, not how you’re feeling. When it comes to your health, we don’t guess we TEST!

Feeling does not equal function. Give us a call today to see how well your nervous system is functioning.